Answers to the Top Five Questions About My Tapered Cut

There are so many questions that come with maintaining natural hair. Furthermore, there are questions that are specific to short natural hair. Since getting my tapered cut in April I have been a point of contact for many women who have certain "hair goals" in mind. I love being able to answer questions for my #curlfriends ! Recently, I thought to put answers to the top five questions about my hair in one place for future reference. And here we are! Read on to see what people are asking and how I am answering.....
  • Who Cuts Your Hair?

  • My hair was originally cut by licensed cosmetologist, Maria Antoinette. She is a Digital Content Creator and for this particular project, I was her hair model. Maria does not accept appointments. However, she does have a YouTube video of my transformation which can be used for your stylists reference. Check it out here :
    Since Maria does not regularly take appointments, I have been going to a barber to maintain my shape and style. My opinion on the pros and cons of going to "Salon or Barbershop for Natural Hair Haircut" offers some things to consider before making the decision to go to one or the other.
  • What Products Do you Use?

  • I have been religiously using Cantu for Natural Hair products since my haircut (April 2017). My two favorite products are the Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream and the Wave Whip Curling Mousse. After recently discovering the Leave-In Conditioner contains a harsh ingredient, I am currently in search of a new leave-in conditioner. If you have a favorite leave-in, be sure to chime in below!
    I am also a super fan of Botanical Infused Oil by Curfew, a black woman owned business offering all-natural skin and hair care products. It is super affordable and supports another ambitious entrepreneur.
  • How Do You Achieve the Volume?

  • The top of my hair is obviously the longest hair on my head. In order to get the volume I like, I always tease the roots after my wash and go. I only tease the first and second days after a wash and go; the remaining days will naturally add more frizz resulting in more volume. If I am in need of a trim, I use bobby pins to help hold the shape I like.
  • What is Your Wash and Go Regimen?

  • My wash and go regimen is detailed here , with products and step by step instructions. I am planning to update my regimen with new products and visuals soon. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter! Official Curl Gang subscribers will be the first to know my new wash and go routine.
  • I Want to Cut My Hair. Should I?

  • In my opinion, if you have the desire to cut your hair, you should cut it. This is my second time sporting a tapered cut so I can confidently say, it grows back. In my experience, I have yet to hear anyone say they regret cutting their hair into a tapered style. From messages, comments, and pictures; numerous women have reached out to tell me how much they LOVE their hair.
    I am #ProTaperedCut
    I wrote a post titled “Five Reasons You Should Get a Tapered Cut” and encourage you to read it if you’re hesitant about your cut.


    Well curlfriends, that's all I have for now. Thanks for reading! Did I answer your question in this post? If not, leave your question below and I'll either answer here or provide another post answering your question in detail. Until next time...... #blessings


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