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Tapered Cut Tips & Answers To Most Common Questions Asked

In the natural hair community, going short garners a lot of support as we cut off the damage and rid ourselves of the attachment. I think it is amazing to see such support and I am especially proud to be one of those women offering inspiration and lending some insight from personal experience. You've asked and as promised, I'm answering. Below you will find tips and answers to the most common questions asked about my tapered cut. Dive in curlfriends! 

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Here Is Why I Created and Proudly Wear the "Not Nappy" Tee

I always heard the word nappy growing up. It was used to describe my hair when it looked a mess or when my brother hadn’t brushed his. I came to understand that when I had slept on my hairstyle for two nights and it was tangled and dry, that it was nappy. I always thought it was a real word and felt like it meant “bad” looking hair. However, it wasn’t until I got older that I learned it was used differently in some instances. When the natural hair movement started picking up, I remember hearing people refer to hair in it’s natural state as nappy. That is when I began to question it’s true definition. What does nappy actually mean? ...

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Answers to the Top Five Questions About My Tapered Cut

There are so many questions that come with maintaining natural hair. Furthermore, there are questions that are specific to short natural hair. Since getting my tapered cut in April I have been a point of contact for many women who have certain "hair goals" in mind. I love being able to answer questions for my #curlfriends ! Recently, I thought to put answers to the top five questions about my hair in one place for future reference. And here we are! Read on to see what people are asking and how I am answering..... Who Cuts Your Hair? My hair was originally cut by licensed cosmetologist, Maria Antoinette. She is a Digital Content Creator and for this particular project, I...

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