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Tapered Cut Tips & Answers To Most Common Questions Asked

In the natural hair community, going short garners a lot of support as we cut off the damage and rid ourselves of the attachment. I think it is amazing to see such support and I am especially proud to be one of those women offering inspiration and lending some insight from personal experience. You've asked and as promised, I'm answering. Below you will find tips and answers to the most common questions asked about my tapered cut. Dive in curlfriends! 

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Here's How to Achieve the PERFECT "Wash and Go" for Type 4 Curls

The wash and go is possible, even as a 4b/c natural. You just have to know what works for your curl pattern. And it’s definitely not JUST a wash and go for us! It’s a wash, and work, and wait, and WERK! Here are the steps I took to achieve a PERFECT wash and go for type 4 curls. 

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