Three Ways to Take Care of Your Tapered Cut Curls Overnight

Okay so we’ve gotten our tapered cut and of course we loved it at first sight! Our stylist put amazing products in our hair, shaped, and styled it perfectly. We spend the day glowing! The day comes to an end and there we stand looking in the mirror in our pajamas. Here is where is gets tricky - how exactly are you supposed to keep up your style? Based on my experience, there are three ways to take care of your tapered cut curls overnight. Since I want all my Curl Gangs’ curls to be poppin, here are my go-to methods…..

Pin & Tie Down


This method works best for super fresh curls. Using your left hand, gently smash down your tapered top and using your right hand place bobby pins in under your left hand. You’ll need to do this multiple times. I use the extra large, closed bobby pins and on average end up with about 6-8. Once your top is pinned down, wrap your silk scarf around your head (however you prefer) securely. The next morning you’ll only need to remove the scarf, bobby pins, and fluff the top.

Sides Tied & Top Out


When your tapered cut style is semi-fresh, this method should be your go to. Since the sides of your hair will be much easier to refresh, you’ll need to focus on the top. You don’t want to pin & tie down the top at this point because your curls have already become slightly frizzy. The last thing you’ll want to do is smash down frizzy curls. Instead, leave them be. Wrap your scarf from the back, meeting the two ends at the front of your face. Tie the two ends securely in the front and pull the remaining fabric to the back. Tuck ends. In the morning, use your product of choice to refresh the sides.

All Tucked


I use a silk bonnet when my tapered cut curls are on their last leg and I’m avoiding wash day. This is essentially, the “lazy” method. Using a silk bonnet will alter your curls the least, which is the goal when your definition is dwindling. I also deemed this the “lazy” method because all you have to do is throw it on and fluff your top in the morning. On those nights when I’m dead tired; bonnet it is!

Whether you use all three methods or just one, it’s all about preference. I prefer defined curls with some frizz. Some prefer straight up defined curls. There are a number of factors to consider: length, texture, shape, etc. Since you now know the three different options, take time to figure out what you like and what works best for your hair.

That’s all for now Curl Gang!

Thanks for reading! And before you go, I would LOVE to get some feedback from you. Have you tried or will you be trying any of these methods? Want to suggest a method? Let me know below. Catch me in the facebook comments below!


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  • Tye

    Thanks for the tips….. love your work honey & trying to achieve this look, but I’ll get it. 😜

  • Kyra

    Thanks 🙏, so much for this , this has been my question ? Can’t wait to try !!!

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