Tapered Cut Tips & Answers To Most Common Questions Asked

In the natural hair community, going short garners a lot of support as we cut off the damage and rid ourselves of the attachment. I think it is amazing to see such support and I am especially proud to be one of those women offering inspiration and lending some insight from personal experience. You've asked and as promised, I'm answering. Below you will find tips and answers to the most common questions asked about my tapered cut. Dive in curlfriends! 
How long have you had your cut? Has it been difficult to maintain?
I have had my hair cut now for a year and a half. My cut, does in fact, live up to the low maintenance hype. Less hair, less maintenance.
To view a video of my original cut by @themariaantoinette , click here .
What method do you use to achieve your look? A rod set, twist out, or wash and go? 
I am almost ALWAYS rocking a wash and go. Initially, I used perm rods in the front before my hair was fully transitioned and healthy. My look can be most certainly be achieved with a twist out. 
How do you keep it up daily? 
My wash day is Sunday. I try not to disturb my curls through Wednesday so my definition and sheen lasts longer. I am able to maintain my definition by using bobby pins to do a natural hair version of pin curls. I wear a silk scarf or bonnet each night.
For more on night care tips, visit my detailed post here
If I need to refresh my curls in the morning, I use Curls Cashmere & Caviar Serum paired with Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Foam. By the time the weekend comes, I still have just enough definition to tease at the root for my signature high volume tapered cut.
How often do you need a cut?
I typically visit my barber weekly to maintain a clean line and unique design. If I am only maintaining a natural line, I visit my barber bi-weekly. I trim the top of my hair quarterly. 
What curl products do you use? Do you diffuse?
I currently use Curls Cashmere & Caviar line. Interested in seeing a quick video of my results using this line? Click here
Additional products I may use on an "as needed" basis are Mielle Organics Rosemary & Mint Strengthening Oil, Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Creme, and The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam.
I do not diffuse. IF I am in need of a quick dry, I use my blow dryer with concentrator nozzle attached on low heat, focusing on the roots primarily.
What barber/stylist do you recommend?
I recommend @dreamcutsbarberlounge for a few reasons. Service, price, cleanliness, comfort, and most of all....skill. I would love to have a stylist to recommend to all my curlfriends so I will be visiting a natural hair specialist soon and will keep y'all posted on my feedback! 
Would you recommend visiting a barber or a stylist first? 
I recommend visiting a stylist first. It would be in your best interest to have your hair properly washed & conditioned prior to visiting your preferred barber. Your stylist will be able to structure your cut considering shrinkage, curl pattern, and texture.
Visiting the barber afterwards is the icing on the cake. The barbershop is where you'll get your clean, polished look and if you're bold; you'll get an amazingly unique design. 
For more inside scoop on my view of barbers vs. salons click here
You inspired my cut. What is the best way to share my picture with you?

I follow hashtag #TaperedGang on Instagram and you should too!


It is a perfect example of rocking a tapered cut no matter your texture, face shape, complexion, forehead size, length.... #AllDat Plus, by following this hashtag you'll be able to share in personal journeys and make connections with the rest of the #TaperedGang . 

I see all my curlfriends photos of their new hair cut when they tag me @iam.tiffany.renee in the photo and hashtag #TaperedGang

What advice do you have for someone interested in getting your cut? 
1. Choose a stylist/barber based on displayable work. Do not sit in a chair with only a promise of the desired look. This will nine times out of ten be a fail.
2. Have an example ready to show your stylist/barber. More than one, no more than three. This is the best way to go after your hair goal and display your confidence in moving forward with the style.
3. Ask your stylist/barber to keep your length on top and trim down little by little. The most common complaint I get from my #taperedgang is not being able to achieve height with their new length. My height is solely due to length on top and teasing at the root. 
4. If your stylist/barber cuts your hair shorter than you would have liked, it will grow back fast. Do not panic. Do not cry. It. Will. Grow. Back. Enjoy your hair at every length.
5. Lastly, embrace your texture and curl pattern. My cut is achievable for all types of women with all types of hair. I have pictures to prove it! 
Getting a hair cut is a major decision for a majority of women. Understandably so. Even after the cut, women then approach the "Okay. Now What?" stage. Thankfully, we can lean on each other for advice, tips, and encouragement.That's the dopest part of having #TaperedGang !! Happy cutting!
Oh! And don't be shy, come say "Hi"!! Im on Instagram @iam.tiffany.renee and Facebook Tiffany Renee


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Markesha

    You inspired me to start having unique designs cut on the sides of my tapered cut. When I first did the style in 2016, I had no idea of how to maintain that portion of my hair. I wish I would’ve found you in 2016! But, I got it done again last year and now I just, go to my barber for fresh designs.

  • ReShonda Parker

    Hi Tiffany! I just wanted to thank you for the time you take out of your busy life to support, encourage and inspire natural haired women to step out of the box and explore their beauty. I have been natural 10 years and it’s been quite the journey to discovering who I really am. I’ve cut my hair into a taper 6 times ( this is the 6th!) after growing it out into full Afros every time. But it’s something about the funkiness of a tapered cut and how it makes you stand taller and rock your outfits differently lol! You inspired me to cut my hair off again after growing it out for a while and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time! I’m complimented so many times a day with this cut and I love it! Your hair is beautiful and I fell in love with it when I saw your first pic. I now have a variation of it but a little twist to make it my own. I ordered your “ Official Curl Gang” shirt and rock it proudly! I would like to know if you’re looking for any models for your clothing or site? I live in GA also. Modeling has always been my passion, but loving myself, teaching my three children to love and accept themselves and that God makes no mistakes is my priority ! I try to be a good role model for them and I tell them to always follow your heart and dreams. I would love to submit my photo rocking my shirt. Thank you so much for all you do, Blessings!

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