Tiffany Renee


I am Tiffany Renee.

Creator & Owner of Official Curl Gang.

I am a full-time mother and full-time creative. In my spare time, I am enjoying family, blogging, thinking of a master plan, and consuming unusual amounts of pizza and/or sea salt caramel gelato.
My inspiration to create Official Curl Gang stemmed from having to surprisingly defend my choice to allow my son to wear his hair in it's natural state.
Additionally, I wanted to express appreciation for the overflow of love and support I receive from the natural hair community after learning to love my own hair in it's natural state. Through communication with some of these women I felt the need to represent every person of color loving or striving to love their natural hair. My desire to create an empowering community for women of color stemmed from my own hardships and experiences.
I aspire to inspire women struggling with self-love and women facing difficulties pursuing their dreams and reaching their full potential. I most certainly, don't have it all figured out. However, that is what Official Curl Gang is for; finding and offering support through relatable experiences. If I cannot help, I want to have a platform to house others who can.


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